"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention..”

- Oscar Wilde

Giving Back

When you invest in your success and well-being through our services, you’re also contributing to the success and well-being of others. Here’s where we direct our energies…


Susan G. Komen - 3-Day

Talk about a tile in the Mosaic of life! Susan G.Komen was not only a person whose life inspired the creation of an organization-- It's a movement! The mission of Susan G. Komen is "To save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering others, ensuring quality care for all and investing in science to find the cures." The thing I love about this organization is not just the mission, the research, the generosity, and the support it provides to people who've had or have breast cancer, but their overwhelming ability to "stay the course" for years and create a wonderful, loving community. As a walker of the 3-day event (Yeah, it's a butt-kicker), I am BLOWN AWAY by the creation of community, the culture of support, and the hope that it provides to anyone who has been touched by breast cancer. It's the power of love and community that inspires our continued support of Susan G. Komen 3-day. Here's a cool talk on the power of social connection.  


Soil Barn Farms

SoilBorn Farms Urban Agriculture & Education Project began as a for-profit farm in 2000 by two young and inexperienced organic farmers who had a dream and lots of ambition. Wanting to reconnect urban dwellers with healthy food and where it is grown, the two put a hand-written note in the mailbox of a local Sacramento resident asking if they could farm on her land in exchange for produce. The next day a deal was struck, and Soil Born Farms was born.

Today, The American River Ranch, a 55-acre historic ranch located within the American River Parkway, is now the permanent home of Soil Born Farms.  It provides a wonderfully diverse landscape to engage both youth and adults in hands-on activities that educate and connect them with the natural world, healthy food, healthy eating, job and life skills, hard work, and service opportunities.  The American River Ranch also provides the opportunity to expand the production of vegetables and fruit to meet the needs of more Sacramento residents, particularly those in underserved neighborhoods with little or no access to fresh, nutritious food. (Does anyone see the connection to healthcare here? Just sayin'.)

Through the Education Director and the rest of the farm staff, Soil Born Farms mentors youth in particular- teaching them how to cook, garden, be mindful naturalists even in an urban setting, preserve wild spaces, and develop partnerships (video about Impact on Youth here). Every hand that touches any aspect of Soil Born, is contributing to a shared vision of healthy food for all into a local reality. Gosh, I love that.