"You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome."

- Patch Adams

Mosaic Blog

  • Why Change Is Easy- For Some People

    Many years ago I inherited a diamond engagement ring. It was old school quality- near perfect, and an impressive size. It was so valuable that I was too scared something would happen to it so I never took it out of the jewelry box! This was a shame because it was as beautiful as any ring I had ever seen. I finally decided to take it to a reputable jeweler in San Francisco to have it appraised for auction. The appraiser gave me a range of value between $20,000 and $28,000. I, of course, got all excited and in my early days of home ownership, saw the possibilities of a minor remodel project in the last number! Seeing the gleam in my eye, the appraiser said "Now, don't just focus on the highest number. You have to remember- you as the seller are focusing on the highest number and the buyer is focusing on the lowest number. Chances are, the sell price will be somewhere at or below the midpoint."  Read More >

  • How to Rock as a Leader of a New Team

    May is a great month in Northern California because it's warm without the sweltering summer heat and the flowers are still out. Everything is singing and the clouds are crisp white against the clearest of blues. I was a swimmer and so are my children. So I know, it's also the time when swim teams start to turn up the volume on yardage and drills to get in shape for the competitive season ahead. It's beautiful... but you're not ready.  Read More >

  • Revising Mosaic

    To my wonderful Mosaic friends and fans--  Read More >

  • Reminder from the Guy in the Jeep

    The other day I was downtown walking back to my street-parked car after a doctor's appointment. As I got into my car, a man across the street started yelling. He was in the process of being handed a parking ticket for having his car in the street cleaning zone before noon. He was completely going off on the "meter maid" person who had the task of issuing tickets. His yelling was so angry that I feared an escalation and I got my phone out to dial 9-1-1- just in case. Instead, the man got in his jeep, reversed out of the space with a loud screech, screeched passed a woman walking with a stroller, all the way down the street. Before I could get my heart to stop pounding, the screeching, speeding jeep returned and dangerously zoomed back into the spot, almost hitting the meter maid who was still standing on the curb writing her next ticket. He got out, and slapped the ticket back on his windshield and said "Well, you can't give me a ticket twice... so I am staying here ALL day!" And he walked to work. I know he was going to work because he had the recognizable uniform of scrubs on. Once he left, I rolled down my window to check on the meter maid, who was shaken, but fine.  Read More >

  • Finding Wisdom in the Mundane, by Jodi Shelton

    In keeping with the whole philosophy of Mosaic, I would like to reiterate that I believe we all have much wisdom and creative thoughts to share. I am posting, with permission, a great write-up a friend and writer, Jodi Shelton. I loved it and I think you will too! Leave a comment and let us know what you think!  Read More >

  • He's So Hormonal!

    In late September, I took my boys and my mom to Seattle. Ryan, an avid Seahawks fan, turned 11 the week before. The family joined him in his interest. With jerseys and hats packed, we enjoyed a glorious weekend in Seattle to sightsee and go to a Seahawks game.  Read More >

  • I Have to Be Honest

    It's the start of the school year and one of my boys, still in elementary school, is re-learning the teacher's boundaries by testing them with drumming on the desk and chattiness. (It's OK. Everyone is getting back into school shape.) But it does have me re-visit a question I've wondered about-- why does socializing our kids for "good" behavior in school seem to go soooo against-the-grain of children's natural tendencies for movement, action, fast friend-making, and group conversation? (Believe me..I get it. Twenty-five+ 8-year olds in one room for hours while trying to meet standards would have me cracking down too, in a heartbeat!) But still, I'm nagged by this question. I think because I am wondering, from my own life experience, about the impact of compliance, obedience, and good behavior on the adults they will become.  Read More >