"The more you work at being yourself, the more you'll feel purposeful and significant in your life."

- Wayne W. Dyer

About Mosaic

In a mosaic, each tile is selected for its “just right fit” and without it, the overall picture would not be complete. Mosaic is a metaphor for individuals and life too. As individuals, we are all acquiring “tiles” of learning and experience for our own personal “mosaic.” 

Our philosophy is simple: Challenges at work and in life are “tiles in the making” that help make us who we are as people—as leaders.

Further, each one of us is a tile of life as well. We all have a unique contribution to make in our roles as managers and caretakers of teams and families. We each bring our unique personalities, experiences, and wisdom to the roles we play. That uniqueness gets expressed most often at work and in our families. The power of that unique expression is the what allows people and businesses do great things! 

And yet over time, leaders may lose that sense of “personal fit” due to overly busy lives and increasing work demands that can diminish our sense of accomplishment. We may drift from being clear in our strategic goals or communication.

Mosaic exists to support healthy psychology and good communication. Specifically, Mosaic works with nurses, teachers, and moms in pursuit of intellectual and personal development. We connect you to the best of neuroscience (mind), with best practices in interpersonal effectiveness (heart) in order to yield happily productive people and powerful results at work or home (business). Meet the founder, Christine Cress (and soon, the Mosaic group of committed experienced coaches and consultants). 

Mosaic- where mind, heart and business come together.