"Wondering if you're doing things right?"

- Christine Cress

About Christine

Christine Cress, an accomplished leadership coach, provides nurses, teachers and moms with a professional edge with evidence-based practices in healthy family and work cultures. This enables you to put your all into the care your devote to people. How? She synthesizes the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and human interaction. She listens, inspires, and teaches.  Like a physical therapist applies various practices to the body for improved functionality, Christine applies practices of mind and heart for increased team and family leadership. You develop the ability to create a culture of positivity and productivity where society needs it most- in families, schools, and healthcare. Resilient, emotionally intelligent children, parents and work teams is the mission of Christine and Mosaic. By working with Christine, you can be a "force of magnetism" for healthy psychology and effective interpersonal relationships. 

"Christine is a reflective, thoughtful person who has an incredible gift for turning complex things into simplicity. She is a loving blend of fierceness and compassion as a coach, advocate, and leader. She’s got all the stuff that makes her credible in the corporate world- presence, education, and experience. It’s who she is that is the secret sauce that makes her my strategic leadership coach."- Y. Curran.

As a leader in a large corporate healthcare system and the CEO of her home, Christine knows the challenges that come with trying to balance direct reports, organizational politics, projects, and family. It’s often assumed that people who are at top of their game-- who've excelled academically and professionally have it all "figured out." However, we all know this just isn’t the case.  In the words of Marshall Goldsmith, "What got you here, won't get you there." People who understand and apply neuroscience, psychology, and human interaction principles,  are better parents and care and community service providers. 

Work with Christine if you want a confidential listener, expert synthesizer and educator, of neuroscience and psychology. 

Christine inspires, teaches, and strategizes to develop people that create cultures of positivity and productivity around them

Christine Cress holds advanced standing in the Stanford Facilitator Network at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business (GSB), where for over a decade she has been a leader in the Interpersonal Dynamics program. Focusing on leadership for women for more than 15 years, she’s also been a certified professional coach with the International Coach Federation; and she is authorized to administer leadership assessments, such as Hogan, Lominger Voices, MBTI, 5Dynamics, and others. She is an expert and intuitive group dynamics facilitator- helping teams achieve business goals in a clinical setting. 

In addition to managing a team while raising a family, Christine has facilitated in community organizations such as InRoads, and achieved top speaker awards for personal and dynamic talks across Northern California. She’s earned the endearment title of Honorary Nurse by numerous nurse executives with whom she has partnered, and for whom she has served as a business partner and coach over many years. She embodies a positive psychology mindset by expertly bringing her professional coaching expertise to people who are caring for others, in a professional or domestic capacity.